The amazing play-offs


BRV – Generali Haching/ Play-offs 2012

Who will take the crown in German Volleyball Bundesliga (DVL) this season?

There are still four teams (Haching, Friedrichshafen, Berlin Recycling Volleys and TV Bühl), counting in that race. 

After seeing the results of last semi-final matches we can almost be sure that it may come to an epic duell between Berlins – BR Volleys and VfB Friedrichshafen and we will know the answer soon enough.

Berlin Recycling Volleys had a great season so far. During their long way to the top, they have lost only two matches on german courts this season(one against Haching-German Cup, second loss was noted in the regular season match against their current opponent TV Bühl). After becoming german Champions of the Season 2011/12, they got the chance to play in the CEV Champions League. Ending the group stage of this competition, BRV was the only german team that made it through  to the next round of the Champions League, where in the Play-off 12 Zenit Kasan was their opponent. After two amazing matches against the Russian giant, BR Volleys had to come off second best. They may have lost but they were a burden for the russian team as they played very well at this point of the competition (both matches to 5 sets), as they didn’t want to give up that easily.

The BR Volleys were four times German Champions and also four times German Cup-Winners. Their possible opponent in the Finals VfB Fhafen is probably one of the best and most prize-winning teams in history of the German Bundesliga. They were 12 times Champions, 11 German-Cup-Winners and they also got 1 Champions League Title. From 2005 until 2011 included they were German Champions every year, after they were defeated in 2011-12 semi-finals by the BRV.

Fhafen lost 7 matches during the regular season, finishing 3rd before the play-offs. They are getting stronger and will probably do anything to get revenge for last season’s defeat.

Nothing’s decided yet but it is hardly possible that Generali Haching and TV Bühl will be able to change their fate in this season’s play-offs. Next matches are on wednesday April, 10th, we’ll find out then if we can think about the final already or if Haching and Bühl decide to fight for a bit longer. I will let you know then!!!! 


Take care everyone!! Nat