Volleyball, the game that changed my life.


First time I watched volleyball was about 10 years ago… I always liked watching sports, still remember watching football(soccer) game Poland-England in 1997. Volleyball became my favourite sport and my biggest love. The action, players at the top of their game, giving their all to win every point. I love volleyball for everything. After I saw first games live, I couldn’t stop. It became an addiction, I had to go to more games. It started with World League, then World Championship, European Championship and then London Olympics. For these volleyball events I did everything, I was working my ass off to have money for tickets, flights and other things. But it was worth it, I’ve met so many great people along the way and I have seen amazing things, places, games and players becoming heroes. I also found people who are as passionate about this sport as I am, people with whom I shared moments of joy and sometimes tears. I wish I could have these moments for life because there is nothing more awesome than watching a great game of volleyball with amazing people . But there are more moments like these for me to come! Right now there’s German Volleyball Bundesliga. I was there to watch my team win (almost)every game.  I will share all my experiences from the games here, or I will try at least. There is so much I want to write about I don’t even know where to start…

Here’s one example for – why is volleyball the greatest sport ever!


or another one:


Stay tuned!!! Nat